Paula Harris


above egypt

from above
pyramids cluster together
like a moonscape
or a display of sundials

a sun temple looks like
a fuzzy face on mars

boulders herd
like sheep

tombs rise from the ground
like mounds of dough

and the colossi sit
like expectant grandmothers
waiting for visiting time

First published in Poetry New Zealand 20 (2000)

Paula Harris

About Paula

Paula Harris lives in New Zealand, where she writes and sleeps a lot, because that's what depression makes you do. She won the 2018 Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize and the 2017 Lilian Ida Smith Award.

Her poetry has been published in various journals, including Berfrois, Queen Mob's Teahouse, Barren, SWWIM, Glass, Diode, The Spinoff, Poetry New Zealand Yearbook and Landfall. Her essays have been published in The Spinoff and Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety (Victoria University Press).

She is extremely fond of dark chocolate, shoes and hoarding fabric.